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Head of Zeus
Medieval Mystery - Box Set II
01 May 2014 * EBOOK * £9.99 * 9781781857373

Books 4-6 in this gripping mystery series set around the 13th century Priory of Tyndal, where Prioress Eleanor must struggle against foes both spiritual and all too mortal...

Fiction / FFH (Crime Fiction)
Extent: 3000 pages
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3 Great Historical Mysteries
Medieval Mystery - Box Set I
Wine of Violence
Covenant With Hell
Satan's Lullaby
Land of Shadows
Tyrant of the Mind
Sorrow Without End
Justice for the Damned
Forsaken Soul
Chambers of Death
Valley of Dry Bones
Killing Season
The Sanctity of Hate
Also by Priscilla Royal
Medieval Mystery - Box Set II: Medieval Mystery, Books 4-6by Priscilla Royal

AD 1272: The Priory of Tyndal, on a windswept East Anglian coast, is dedicated to love and peace. But Eleanor of Wynethorpe, the twenty-one-year-old new prioress, will find little of either. Instead, she will face lust, greed and murder.

IV. JUSTICE FOR THE DAMNED: Recovering from a near-fatal winter fever, Eleanor visits her aunt at Amesbury Priory, who asks her to investigate sightings of a ghost. When a local man is found beheaded, Eleanor realizes she's dealing with a human killer, not an otherworldly spirit.

V. FORSAKEN SOUL: At the height of summer, Martin the cooper is been poisoned at the Tyndal inn. The list of suspects is long – there were plenty with good cause to wish the brutal cooper dead – but God's justice must be rendered – even for the forsaken soul.

VI. CHAMBERS OF DEATH: Waylaid by bitter storms and illness, Eleanor accepts lodging at a manor. She receives a warm welcome, but soon realizes all is not well. Murder and a greivous miscarriage of justice demands that Eleanor investigates further...

Priscilla Royal was born in Seattle, grew up in British Columbia and now lives in Northern California. She has a degree in world literature from San Francisco State University and is the author of nine books in the Medieval Mysteries series.

'Anyone who hasn't read Priscilla Royal's mysteries yet is in for a treat.' Sharon Kay Penman

'Intriguing... Chilling... Timeless... as enduring as Ellis Peters's Brother Cadfael books' Publishers Weekly

'Vividly drawn characters... enlighten us on many details of monastic life.' New York Times

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