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Head of Zeus
Death in Roman Britain - Box Set
01 Dec 2013 * EBOOK * £12.99 * 9781781859094

BRITANNIA, AD 91: a raw province on the frontier of a vast Empire. Life is cheap, and as Aurelia Marcella, a young Roman settler, is about to find out, so is death…

Fiction / FFH (Crime Fiction)
Extent: 1104 pages
Exclusive: GB AU NZ IN ZA SG   Not for sale: CA US
3 Great Female Detectives
Shadows in the Night
A Bitter Chill
Buried Too Deep
Danger in the Wind
Also by Jane Finnis
Death in Roman Britain - Box Set: 3 Books in 1by Jane Finnis

Britain in 91 AD is a raw, frontier province of Domitian Caesar's Empire where relations between the natives their conquerors are far from amicable. Tension is especially high in the north, where Aurelia Marcella, a young innkeeper from Italy, runs the Oak Tree Inn on the road to York.

SHADOWS IN THE NIGHT: AD 91: Is a savage murder a portent of rebellion, or something more personal, something more sinister?

A BITTER CHILL: AD 95: A party of rich, demanding and violent travellers descend on the Oak Tree Inn, and their raucous Saturnalia banquet culminates in death.

BURIED TOO DEEP: AD 98: A dying man's last words lead Aurelia and her twin brother into an underworld of greed and brutality and as they investigate a stolen horde of gold.

Jane Finnis read history at the Univeristy of London before working as a radio producer for BBC radio. She now lives in East Yorkshire and spends her time researching and writing about the Roman Empire.

'If the blood-drenched HBO series Rome makes you want to know what life was like in Britannia, Finnis is the writer for you' Chicago Tribune

'Highly readable and endlessly absorbing historical adventure' Kirkus Reviews

'Suspenseful and authentically detailed' Booklist

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