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Head of Zeus
Naked Empire
29 Jul 2015 * EBOOK * £4.49 * 9781784971939

The eighth book in the epic Sword of Truth fantasy series. Far from the land he rules, his life and powers draining with each day, Richard Rahl must lead a desperate people to victory.

Fiction / FM (Fantasy)
Extent: 704 pages
Exclusive sale: GB AU NZ IN ZA SG
Not for sale: CA US
Naked EmpireSword of Truth, 9Terry Goodkind

The Sword of Truth series follows Richard Cypher, a young woodsman intent on tracking down his father's murderer. His quest will take him far from home, embroiling him in an ancient war, three-millennia past, that is about to re-ignite with world-shattering violence.

Time is running out. The Imperial Order has D'Hara under siege, Wizard's Keep is threatened, and Richard Rahl has been poisoned.

There is an antidote, but it comes at a high price. Richard has been poisoned by an agent of the Bandakar, a people protected from the ravages of the Imperial Order by an ancient magical barrier... until the war Richard unleashed destroyed it. The price they demand is salvation from annihilation.

With the shadow of death looming, his powers fading and Bandakar crumbling before the Imperial Order, Richard must lead a desperate people to victory.

Terry Goodkind is a #1 New York Times bestselling author. His Sword of Truth series has sold over 20 million copies. Before writing full-time, Terry worked as a wildlife artist, a cabinetmaker and a violin maker. He writes thrillers as well as epic fantasy and lives in the desert in Nevada. @terrygoodkind

'Everything one could ask for in an epic fantasy', Publishers Weekly

'Wonderfully creative, seamless, and stirring', Kirkus

'There are only so many ways of heaping praise on a series that gets better and better SFX. ,

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