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Head of Zeus
A Kingdom Falls
12 Jul 2018 * PAPERBACK * £6.99 * 9781784974442

In the dramatic conclusion to the Ravenmaster Trilogy, Anna Cooper must find the strength to face her greatest fear in Britain's darkest hour.

Fiction / YFB (Children’s Fiction)
Extent: 320 pages  Format: 198 x 129 mm
Exclusive: GB CA AU NZ IN ZA SG US
These Dark Wings
What the Raven Brings
Also in Ravenmaster Trilogy series
A Kingdom FallsRavenmaster Trilogy, 3by John Owen Theobald

London, 1944. Britain's capital is back in the firing line. It has been several years since the Blitz ended, but now death is dropping from the skies once more. Has the tide of war turned again?

Anna Cooper survived the Blitz but she lost her mother and the people closest to her. Amid the flames and rubble, she discovered that everything she thought she knew about her family was a lie. She learned that nobody was prepared to take an orphaned girl seriously and she decided to fight back.

Now, Anna flies warplanes for the Air Transport Auxiliary but she knows it is not enough. Hitler is ready to unleash one final terrifying secret weapon, against which there is no defence. But Anna won't let that happen. If there is no defence, there is only one option: attack.

Born and raised in Eastern Canada, John Theobald moved to the UK to study the poetry of Keats, and in 2009 received a PhD from the University of St Andrews. He lives in London, England. @JohnOTheobald

Promoted by the Tower of London (3m visitors p.a.).

Well-written, intelligent fiction that blends London during the Blitz, the unique institution that is the Tower of London, and ancient legend.

CBMC code: D3N79

MARKET: Neil Gaiman; Marcus Sedgwick. Ages 9-12.

'Riveting and thrilling, also tragic and heroic' My Merri Way

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