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Mulberry Lane Babies
01 Jun 2018 * EBOOK * £4.99 * 9781786693006

1941, Mulberry Lane, London. War rages but new life brings new hope. Perfect for fans of Katie Flynn and Cathy Sharp.

Fiction / FT (Saga)
Extent: 352 pages
Exclusive: GB CA AU NZ IN ZA SG US
The Girls of Mulberry Lane
A Wedding at Mulberry Lane
New Arrivals at Mulberry Lane
The Women of Mulberry Lane
Also in The Mulberry Lane Series series
Mulberry Lane Babies: New life brings joy and intrigue to The Lane!The Mulberry Lane Series, 3by Rosie Clarke

1941, Mulberry Lane, London. War rages but new arrivals bring new hope. Perfect for fans of Katie Flynn and Cathy Sharp.

Life is hard for all on Mulberry Lane as the war rages into yet another year. Desperate times push people into dangerous situations.

Menacing shadows lurk on dark street corners, threatening the safety of those who are alone and vulnerable.

When Peggy's twins are born early, Maureen and Nellie are there to lend a helping hand. The mothers of Mulberry Lane stick together despite the grim conditions of war-torn London and a shadowy fear that stalks their lives. Neighbours and friends look out for each other and new life brings hope and joy to the Lane.

What readers are saying about the series:

'When it comes to writing sagas, Rosie Clarke is up there with some of the best in the business' Bookish Jottings.

'Full of drama, romance and secrets... A perfect example of its genre' That Thing She Reads.

'This is wonderful historical fiction that is so character-driven you'll wish these women lived on your street' Kathleen Gray, NetGalley.

'Absolutely loved this latest instalment and revisiting the ladies of the Lane. Another great story of love and heartache' Wendy Haines, NetGalley.

Rosie is happily married and lives in a quiet village in East Anglia. Writing books is a passion for Rosie, she also likes to read, watch good films and enjoys holidays in the sunshine. She loves shoes and adores animals, especially squirrels and dogs.

Continuation of the bestselling Mulberry Lane series.

MARKET: Katie Flynn; Cathy Sharp.

'Absolutely loved this latest instalment and revisiting the Ladies of the Lane. Another great story of love and heartache' Wendy Haines, NetGalley

'This really is a packed - and completely enjoyable - novel' Grace J Reviewerlady, NetGalley

'I felt as if I were there and seeing everything through the characters' eyes. The book is addictive!' Katherine Kayward, NetGalley

'I can't wait to read the next instalment of the Mulberry Lane series and here's hoping that the series continues for a long time to come' Amanda Oughton

Funny, uplifting, compelling and full of characters readers will take to their hearts... Another winner for much-loved author Rosie Clarke!' Julie Bonello, NetGalley

'A fabulous read that I highly recommend' Dianne Cunningham, NetGalley

Excellent storyline... Gripping from start to finish' Stephanie Collins, NetGalley

'A touching read, one that handles sensitive issues such as the aftermath of rape and domestic violence well. I look forward to reading the next in this series' Robin Taylor, NetGalley

'The more I read the more I wanted to know what was going to happen next with each of the characters' Bev Walking, NetGalley

A rich tale... You will be engrossed' Lucy Woods, NetGallery

'I like how the author balances the difficulties with the joy. There may be a war going on, but they have their friendship, their families, weddings, and new babies' Kristina Anderson, NetGalley

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