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Head of Zeus
Wicked By Design
05 Sep 2019 * EBOOK * £2.99 * 9781786695376

A husband and wife have their love tested to the limit in this high-voltage Regency romance set in Cornwall and St Petersburg.

Fiction / FV (Historical Fiction)
Extent: 496 pages
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Hester and Crow
Scandalous Alchemy
Also by Katy Moran
Wicked By Design: Sexy, thrilling, swashbuckling Regency romance with a twistKaty Moran

'Lush, dark, utterly real and above all achingly romantic' RUTH WARE



Four women sit in the candlelit drawing-room at Nansmornow, an ancient Cornish manor house. The air is thick with unspoken suspicion and secret malice. As Hester Lamorna pours tea for her three guests, she has no idea one of them is about to rock her new marriage to its very foundations.


Half a world away, Hester's impossible and charismatic husband, Jack 'Crow' Crowlas, will be caught up in a chess game of sexual manipulation, played out across the sumptuous ballrooms of St Petersburg. All Hester and Crow hold most dear will be tested to the limit and beyond: their love for each other and their child, and for Crow, the loyalty of his only brother.

'Passionate, smart and action-packed ... Stuffed full of heart-pumping romance' SARAH HUGHES, Guardian

'A wonderfully thrilling, sweeping romantic historical adventure that keeps you gripped until the last page' ROWAN COLEMAN

'Badly behaved aristocrats, gloriously opinionated women and danger at every turn' iNews Best Books of 2019

Katy Moran is the author of False Lights, published by Head of Zeus in 2017 under the pseudonym K.J. Whittaker and published as Hester and Crow on Kindle. After a career in the book trade, Katy now lives with her husband and three children in a ramshackle house in the Welsh borders. @KatyjaMoran

High-voltage Regency romance is having a major resurgence thanks to the Bridgerton Netflix phenomenon.

Reviews and literary endorsements suggest Katy Moran could be the best new Regency novelist since Georgette Heyer.

MARKET: Georgette Heyer; Bridgerton; Harlots.

'A thrilling, sexy romp through brilliantly reimagined history. Hester is one of my very favourite heroines and it's probably best not to ask what I'd like to do with Crow ... Totally absorbing' Holly Hepburn

'Sweeping and romantic, with a hero to rival Ross Poldark, Wicked By Design is a fantastic and compelling novel that draws you in and paints a glorious alternative St Petersburg, keeping you hooked until the end' Imogen Edwards-Jones

'A swashbuckling, sparkling world of a novel ... with a mad, bad and dangerous-to-know hero' Suzannah Dunn

'Excellent writing and characterization pushes it up several notches ­– with special mention for Hester: a fizzing-with-life, believable and resourceful heroine if ever there was one' Daily Mail

'Passionate, smart and action-packed ... Stuffed full of heart-pumping romance' Sarah Hughes

'It's pretty hard to pull off a good Georgette Heyer homage, but Moran makes it look easy with this addictive sequel set in a world where Napoleon has won the Battle of Waterloo' i newspaper

'Badly behaved aristocrats, gloriously opinionated women and danger at every turn' i newspaper

'Every feel-good list needs at least one Regency bodice-ripper and they don't come any better than Moran's second book, a wonderfully knowing take on the genre, stuffed full of deceit, desire and beautiful people behaving appallingly' i newspaper

'I've always loved alternative histories, and Wicked by Design by Katy Moran is a luscious, swashbuckling gallop through a Cornwall reigned over by the Empress Josephine' Woman & Home.

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