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Head of Zeus
Because Mummy Said So
25 Jan 2018 * EBOOK * £4.99 * 9781786696724

Hilarious, heartfelt stories of a mother and her two sons from egg to empty nest.

Non Fiction / VFX (Health, Diet and Fitness)
Extent: 360 pages
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Also by Shari Low
Because Mummy Said So: And Other Unreasonable Tales of Motherhoodby Shari Low

The era of the yummy mummy has finally gone and to celebrate, Shari Low has taken a baby wipe to the glossy veneer of the school of perfect parenting with Because Mummy Said So. This collection of hilarious memories tells the truth about motherhood in all of its sleep-deprived, frazzled glory. No judgement, no impossibly high standards, no perfect day – just real life and a whole lot of chaos that every experienced, new or soon-to-be parent will relate to.

Embarrassing mistakes, disastrous summer holidays, childhood milestones, tear-jerking nativity plays, eight bouts of chickenpox and that time when a three-year-old superhero locked himself in a toilet... this is one imperfect mum's tales of the ups, downs and unforgettable moments of parenthood.

Shari lives in Glasgow and writes a weekly opinion column and Book Club page for a well known newspaper. She is married to a very laid-back guy and has two athletic teenage sons, who think she's fairly embarrassing, except when they need a lift.

Parenting books are more popular than ever.

Written by a bestselling fiction author.

A perfect gift for mother's day.

MARKET: The Unmumsy Mum.

'Hilarious, laugh out loud portrayal of motherhood. I loved it!' Elaine Herbst, NetGalley

I just could not put it down... So true to life' Erika Sissons, NetGalley

'So refreshing and entertaining to read a book that tells a truth' Aleksandra Rahmonovic, NetGalley

'This really is a laugh out loud book. Really enjoyed it' Ezhica Denira, NetGalley

'Shari Low nails so many points in this book that it's hard NOT to relate to everything she says' Lindsie Gatto, NetGalley

'A laugh out loud book. As such, I advise against reading it in church, on a busy train or whilst pretending to listen to someone talking' Gemma Flangan, NetGalley

'An amusing light-hearted read that most parents can relate to' Jo-Anne Stubbs, NetGalley

'Quick and hilarious read' Whitney Meyer, NetGalley

'Cute, fun and a reminder that motherhood goes by fast!' Amy Baringer, NetGalley

A collection of warm and witty stories that will have you laughing, crying and cringing with shame... A fabulous book that makes the perfect gift for mothers everywhere' Julie Bonello, NetGalley

'Shari Low has a truthful, chatty and friendly yet laid-back writing style' Katherine Hayward, NetGalley

'Funny new collection of features about family life' Paisley Daily Express

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