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07 Jul 2022 * EBOOK * £9.99 * 9781786697387

A journey along the River Po and through Italian history, society and culture, from journalist and author Tobias Jones.

Non Fiction / WTL (Travel)
Extent: 304 pages  Illus: 10 maps + 1x8pp col
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Also by Tobias Jones
The Po: An Elegy for Italy's Longest Riverby Tobias Jones

A captivating journey along the iconic River Po and through Italian history, society and culture.

The River Po is the longest river in Italy, travelling for 650 kilometres from its source in the Alps across the entire width of the peninsula until it reaches the Adriatic Sea in the east. Flowing through 13 provinces and 180 local councils, it is a part of the national psyche, as iconic to Italy as the Thames is to England or the Mississippi to the USA.

This mighty river creates a formidable barrier and its banks have witnessed not only Italian history – the battle of Ticinus between Hannibal and Scipio, the Battle of the Po in 1431, Operation Grapeshot in 1945 – but also the clash of natural and human history. At the Po's delta is an astonishing nature reserve: a wetland swamp of 380 square kilometres and 450 different lakes.

In The Po, Tobias Jones travels the length of the river gathering its stories: its battles, crimes, characters, cuisines, histories, industries and inventions. He visits towns made famous for their sporting legacy, birthplaces of the greatest Italian writers and composers and rediscovers Italy's unusual industries and agricultures; from the marble mines of Paesana that provided the raw materials for the Renaissance to the paddy fields of risotto rice at Chivasso.

Whether tasting the wines of the Po valley, sampling the steamy crucible of bagna cauda or hearing the legend of Aleramo, Tobias Jones gives us a feel for what it's like to live in Italy: an eclectic assault on the senses and on the emotions.

Tobias Jones graduated from Oxford with a double first in History and English. He worked at the London Review of Books for several years before moving to Italy, where he was lecturer in English literature at Parma University. He has written and presented programmes for British and Italian television, and he writes regularly for various UK newspapers as well as the Italian magazine Internazionale. Jones is the author of the bestselling The Dark Heart of Italy and his book about soccer fandom, Ultra, was published by Head of Zeus in 2019.

Jones's THE DARK HEART OF ITALY has sold over 150k copies.

A unique blend of travelogue and commentary on Italian history and culture, written in a conversational, accessible style.

Looks at forgotten corners of Italy.

MARKET: Claudio Magris; Peter Ackroyd; Colin Thubron; Norman Lewis; Iain Sinclair.

'Subtle, witty, inventive and intelligent... Illuminating and entertaining' Observer.
'Tobias Jones is a sublime writer who has the ability to bring tears to the eyes' Daily Telegraph.
'It is Jones's humanity and gift for characterisation that make his book so captivating... His account rings with universal truths' Financial Times.
'An affectionate, occasionally appalled observer, an inside-outsider. He is uminstakably not a tourist' Independent.
'Jones strikes just the right balance between history, anecdote and facts... A brilliant, though bleak, book'
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