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Head of Zeus
This is Me
02 May 2019 * EBOOK * £2.99 * 9781788541435

A brand new, emotional story from Shari Low showcasing the different approaches to motherhood and how two women can finally come back together again.

Fiction / FA (Fiction)
Extent: 336 pages
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This is Me: gripping and heartwrenching novel perfect for summer readingby Shari Low

This is... Denise.

Married to Ray, her first and only love, Denise has never for one moment regretted putting the husband she idolised on a pedestal above everyone and everything else. But, after forty years of marriage, he is gone, leaving Denise to discover that their perfect marriage was fatally flawed. Now she faces a future alone, but first she must face the betrayals of the past.

This is... Claire.

The estranged daughter of Denise, the woman who put her husband before her children, Claire took the opposite path and devoted her life to raising her her family, sacrificing her marriage along the way. With her teenage sons about to flee the nest, she realises she may have left it too late to find her own happy ever after.

This is the story of two women, both alone, both cautionary tales of one of motherhood's biggest decisions.

Who is more important, your partner or your children? And what happens if you make the wrong choice?

Shari lives in Glasgow and writes a weekly opinion column and Book Club page for a well known newspaper. She is married to a very laid-back guy and has two athletic teenage sons, who think she's fairly embarrassing, except when they need a lift.

MARKET: Dani Atkins; Milly Johnson; Lucy Diamond.

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