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06 Jun 2024 * EBOOK * £8.99 * 9781788542692

A narrative account of the emergence of modern Italy from the ashes of Mussolini's fascist regime.

Non Fiction / HBLW (Modern History)
Extent: 448 pages
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The Day of Judgment
Also by Mark Thompson
The Rebirth of Italyby Mark Thompson

In The Rebirth of Italy Mark Thompson tracks the emergence of modern Italy from the disasters of fascism and the vicious civil war that followed the fall of Mussolini: the creation of a flawed, more or less democratic republic by the Allies, one which left many aspects of fascist policy in place. Many thousands of armed Communist partisans wanted revenge and revolution; equal numbers of unreconstructed fascists held onto their posts. An obscure former Vatican official became Italy's first Christian Democratic prime minister.

This is a story of great power, intrigue, cold war hysteria, high drama and violence, but also of extraordinary creativity unleashed in literature, cinema, painting and design. Italian movies (De Sica, Rosselini, Visconti) were the most exciting in the world, while writers like Montale, Calvino, Moravia, Morante and Ginzburg were translated into all the major languages.

Thompson has a unique ability to fuse political, military and cultural history and brilliantly conveys the story of a period of Italian history less commonly told.

Mark Thompson lives in Oxford. He is the author of A Paper House, a much-praised account of the fall of Yugoslavia, and The White War, which tracks the fate of Italy during the first world war. He worked for the UN in the Balkans for much of the 1990s.

THE WHITE WAR was praised as a masterpiece by Noel Malcolm, Jan Morris, Tobias Jones, Piers Brendon, Hew Strachan, Michael Howard, Misha Glenny and Lucy Hughes-Hallett.

A narrative account of a period of Italian history less commonly told.

A brilliant fusion of political, military and cultural history.

MARKET: The Dark Heart of Italy, Tobias Jones; The White War, Mark Thompson.

'A wonderfully rich and poignant study, beautifully written and based on a detailed first-hand knowledge... An excellent book' TLS.
'An excellent narrative history' Sunday Times.
'Magnificent... Original, masterly and definitive' Guardian.
'A book which is central to any understanding of Italy's 20th century'
Tobias Jones

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