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Head of Zeus
The Chimpanzee & Me
02 Apr 2020 * TRADE PAPERBACK * £10.99 * 9781788547611

This is a unique look at conservation of the species and Ben's life-long love of chimps, illustrated with full colour photos.

Non Fiction / WNCF (Natural History)
Extent: 256 pages  Format: 216 x 155 mm Illus: 50 integrated colour
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Also by Ben Garrod
The Chimpanzee & Meby Ben Garrod

Ben Garrod: As seen on TV – Baby Chimps Rescue.

'Celebrities blamed for the rise in people keeping primates as pets in Britain' TIMES 2. '4,500 primates owned as pets in the UK' SKY NEWS. 'As ownership of exotic pets booms, no wonder experts are asking... conservation or cruelty?' DAILY MAIL.

The Chimpanzee & Me is a unique look at conservation of the species and Ben's life-long love of chimps, illustrated with full colour photos.

For over a decade, Ben Garrod has studied chimpanzees to find ways to protect and conserve them. We join Ben on a journey that has taken him around the world, studying eastern chimps in the humid forests of Uganda and the critically endangered western chimps of Liberia.

In his trademark infectious, lighthearted style, Ben describes encounters with chimpanzees that highlight the different threats they face. From the illegal international pet trade, to bushmeat markets, and the effects of relentless habitat destruction – not to mention how your new furniture, your toothpaste and even your mobile phone are all implicated in their falling numbers.

In an interview with world-renowned primatologist Dr Jane Goodall, Ben shows how we can protect the chimps of the future and help conserve this endlessly fascinating species.

Ben Garrod is Professor of Evolutionary Biology and Science Engagement at the University of East Anglia. He broadcasts regularly on TV and radio, most recently the BBC Mammoth Hunters documentary with Sir David Attenborough and BBC This Morning for a new dinosaur discovery, and is trustee and ambassador of a number of key conservation organisations. His previous books include The Chimpanzee and Me and his eight-book series Extinct, The Story of Life on Earth, published by Zephyr. Ben lives in Bristol and Norwich. Find Ben @Ben_garrod on Twitter and Instagram and

A 3x60 BBC2 series broadcast in 2020.

Ben is a primatologist with good links to the conservation/primatology community and exclusive access to Dr Jane Goodall.

Gift book format illustrated with author's full colour photographs throughout, for all the family. Aimed at 8+

MARKET: David Attenborough; Jane Goodall; Steve Backshall; Brian Cox.

[Garrod] estimates that there are about 4,500 privately owned primates in the country... Professor Garrod told the Hay Festival that anyone could buy a couple of marmosets in Manchester for £1,500, adding that there was 'no regulation to stop that'... His book outlines the health dangers for the animals and warns that psychological problems are rife' The Times

The book begins with Ben's story of how he became involved in chimpanzee conservation, including an endearing anecdote about the chimp that started his journey, followed by a fact-filled guide to our closest primate relatives... [It will] endear the reader to the plight of this endangered species. I would recommend this book to secondary students that are interested in endangered species and conservation' The School Librarian

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