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Hadrian's Wall
01 Sep 2022 * PAPERBACK * £10.99 * 9781803288109

An account of the history and importance of Hadrian's Wall, by an expert on Ancient Rome.

Non Fiction / HBLA (Ancient History)
Extent: 192 pages  Format: 198 x 129 mm Illus: 40 b&w illus
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Also in The Landmark Library series
Hadrian's WallThe Landmark Library, 6by Adrian Goldsworthy

A beautifully produced account of the history and importance of Hadrian's Wall, by a bestselling author and expert on Ancient Rome.

Located at the far-flung and wild edge of the Roman Empire, Hadrian's Wall was constructed by Emperor Hadrian in the 120s AD. Vast in size and stretching from the east to the west coast of the northern part of Britannia, it is the largest monument left by the Roman empire – all the more striking because it lies so far from Rome. Today, it is one of the most visited heritage sites in the country.

Yet the story of the Wall is far more than the development of a line of fortifications and the defence of a troublesome imperial frontier. Generation after generation of soldiers served there, with their families as well as traders and other foreign and local civilians in and around the army bases. The glimpses of this vibrant, multinational community in Adrian Goldsworthy's masterly book bring the bare stones to life.

Goldsworthy also considers why and how the wall was built, and discusses the fascinating history, afterlife and archaeology of this unique ancient monument.

Adrian Goldsworthy studied at Oxford, where his doctoral thesis examined the Roman army. He went on to become an acclaimed historian of Ancient Rome. He is the author of numerous works of non fiction, including Philip and Alexander: Kings and Conquerors, Caesar, The Fall of the West, Pax Romana, and Hadrian's Wall.

The fascinating story of a world-famous monument, by an acclaimed historian of Ancient Rome.

A paperback edition to coincide with the celebration of 1900 years since Hadrian's Wall was built.

Beautifully produced with integrated black and white images.

MARKET: Alistair Moffat; Bronwen Riley; Judith Flanders; Bettany Hughes.

'Goldsworthy is an erudite guide... As an introduction to the history of the most impressive of ancient engineering achievements, Goldsworthy's book is entirely successful... The prefect companion to exploring the remains of the wall today' BBC History Magazine

'A lucid, general introduction to the wall and its times... Goldsworthy is especially good at recreating the lives lived on it' Country Life

'[Goldsworthy] provides a clear, concise guide to one of the favourite heritage sights of Britain and transports us back to the frontier life of the Roman Empire in another vital era of our history' Minerva Magazine

'Goldsworthy brings Hadrian's Wall to life in this detailed and beautifully illustrated book' Westmorland Gazette

'A lively introduction to the largest surviving Roman artefact on Earth' World of Cruising

'A succinct and eminently sensible new account of Hadrian's Wall' The New Criterion

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