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02 Mar 2023 * EBOOK * £5.99 * 9781804549872

A quantum physicist working at CERN finds a pattern hidden in the data generated by the Large Hadron Collider. It looks like a message – but why is someone hellbent on preventing him from decoding this quantum radio broadcast?

Fiction / FL (Science Fiction)
Extent: 512 pages
Exclusive: GB CA AU NZ IN ZA SG US
Lost in Time
Also by A.G. Riddle
Quantum Radioby A.G. Riddle

From the Sunday Times bestselling author of Lost in Time

At CERN, a scientist has just made an incredible discovery – a breakthrough that may answer the deepest questions about human existence.

But what he's found is far more dangerous than he ever imagined.

Dr. Tyson Klein is a quantum physicist who has dedicated his entire life to his research. At CERN, he analyses data generated by the Large Hadron Collider, the world's biggest and most powerful particle accelerator. Now, Ty believes he's found a pattern in its output. It looks like an organised data stream, being broadcast over what he calls a quantum radio.

Could it be a signal from another universe? A message sent from the future? Or something else entirely?

As Ty peels back the layers of his discovery, he learns that what he's found isn't what he thought it was. The encoded message is far more profound. It may alter our understanding of human existence and the universe.

But Ty is not the only one looking for it. Someone has been following his research for a long time. And they'll do anything to prevent him from unravelling what is being broadcast by the quantum radio...

Because the first one to discover the truth may well control the future.

A.G. Riddle spent ten years starting and running internet companies before retiring to focus on his true passion: writing fiction. He is now an Amazon and Wall Street Journal bestselling author with nearly five million copies sold worldwide in twenty languages. He lives in North Carolina. Visit

Worldwide bestselling author: five million copies sold and translated into twenty-four languages.

Another high-concept thriller with a twist – very commercial and perfect for fans of fast-paced SF.

Lost in Time was a Goldsboro Book of the Month.

MARKET: Hugh Howey; Clive Cussler; Michael Crichton.

"One of the twistiest time-tales I've ever read! An amazing story of love, murder, betrayal, multiple universes, dinosaurs – and just what 'causality' really means" Diana Gabaldon, on Lost in Time.
"Are we talking plot twists? More like spirals. Gripping, clever, mind-bending stuff" Daily Mail.
"Crichtonesque thrillers don't come much better than this intricate outing which combines a fantastic premise – a time-travel device known as Absolom is used to imprison dangerous criminals in the prehistoric past – with a closed-circle whodunit... Riddle keeps the twists coming, including a mind-bending jaw-dropper that sets up the book's second half. By creating sympathetic and complex characters, the author makes suspending disbelief easy. Readers won't be able to turn the pages fast enough" Publishers Weekly Starred Review, on Lost in Time.
"A gorgeously dense and satisfying yarn, a time travel puzzle box whose pieces eventually fit together in a climax that's as exciting as it's determinedly mind-bending. You'll quickly find yourself lost in Lost in Time; a hugely recommended high-concept page-turner" Starburst.
"We're talking high-concept thriller here... There are many japes and high jinks ahead"
The Times, on Lost in Time

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