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Head of Zeus
Welcome to Our New WebsiteAdventures in Drupal and Angular

So farewell, then, original website. At seven years old, it was a web methuselah… but after years of patching and a million or so visitors it was utterly worn out, incapable of indexing its nodes of a morning. We sympathise, but it was time to put it out to pasture and bring in a New Improved Version.

New Improved is technologically on-trend (or it was until yesterday). It consists of Drupal CMS decapitated and spliced to an Angular Material frontend, if you are into that kind of thing. A great big chunk of engineering, we now realise. Getting it up and running nearly polished our lead developer (see below) off. Still, it has been a good way of sharpening our programming skills and bringing them into the 21st Century. Finally, we almost understand what Object Orientated Programming is, we got to grips with a nice modern framework like Angular, we dumped good ol' Bootstrap for dubious joys of Flexbox and CSS Grid. And we've even made an API serving piping-hot JSON...

Like just about all tech projects, this is a work in progress and we'll be adding features and zapping bugs as we go, so please bear with us while we do. In the meantime, please explore the site, we want to see how you use it. 

If you want to search for a book, an article, an author, click on the search icon in the top right of your screen (desktop) or look for 'search' at the bottom of the mobile menu 'hamburger' icon. Alternatively, just browse our pages. You'll find articles, videos, featured books and curated book shelves (scroll left and right for the full range). Any book cover you see can be clicked on to take you to a detailed information page.

If you are in the trade, you might even enjoy the delights of our online AI generator!

If you would like to submit a manuscript to us, we'd love to read it. Unfortunately, we've got more work to do on the Submissions portal, so that remains closed for the time being.

We used only the very best developers

We used only the very best developers.