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Head of Zeus
Funny and Frank Debut Fiction on Menopause Goes to Head Of Zeus
Woman of a Certain Rage

Commissioning Editor, Rosie de Courcy has acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to a humorous debut by Georgie Hall from Sheila Crowley on behalf of the Curtis Brown Group. Woman of a Certain Rage will be published in hardback, export trade paperback, ebook and audio in July 2021.

The acquisition follows the German language deal with publishers Ullstein who preempted  translation rights from Curtis Brown's co-agent Anoukh Foerg with Marion Wichmann, their Publishing Director, Fiction.

Woman of a Certain Rage focuses on menopause, a topic most women will experience but that is little talked about. Fifty year old Eliza, who won't be told it's too late to shake things up, is a heroine many will recognise: she may find herself sweating a lot and lying awake at 5am, but she still has something to prove. A smart and funny novel about love, life and a second shot at freedom for rebellious women of a certain age.

Georgie Hall is the pen name for a best-selling author over three decades, about joining the Head of Zeus family, she said “It’s wonderful to have a publisher like Head of Zeus, where clever thinking is always focussed forwards. Being part of such a dynamic, independent team is heaven for an author. And I couldn’t wish for a better UK editor to work with on this project than Rosie de Courcy, whose experience - both professionally as one of the all-time greats in commercial women’s fiction, and personally as an indefatigable and rebellious woman of a certain age - made for the perfect match. Rosie gets Eliza totally, shares her sense of humour, and has added enormously to bringing her to life.”

Georgie on the German acquisition: “In Germany, the team at Ullstein were so brilliantly in tune with Eliza from the get-go that I look forward to working with them enormously.”

Rosie de Courcy said “Georgie undoubtedly has trademarks as a writer; sexiness and humour.  Here she turns those gifts to an altogether more serious purpose - dramatising what it is like as a 50-something woman to hit the menopause.  Without losing her humour or the knack of poking fun at herself and her characters, she unerringly puts a wise and empathetic finger on what it is like to experience sudden, inexplicable weight gain, loss of interest in sex (especially in one’s husband) feelings of violent irritability and those bywords for the menopause, the hot flush - a phrase that hardly begins to describe the pouring sweats and wild overheating of one’s entire body, usually without any warning at all.  All the while feeling completely invisible as a woman.”

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