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Interstellar SpectacularCixin Liu on Film

Adapted from Cixin Liu's novella of the same name, The Wandering Earth is the first of Liu’s work to make it to the big screen. Described as 'China's first full-scale interstellar spectacular’, in only two weeks since its release it has taken $609 million at the box office and is now officially 2019’s highest grossing movie… worldwide.

The Wandering Earth sees humanity threatened by a dying Sun as it bloats into red giant. Rather than flee Earth, engineers construct huge fusion engines to move the planet out of harm's way, setting a course for a new home, around a new star… Exactly the kind of exo-scale engineering you’d expect from the author of the Three-Body Problem books.

Rumours of Amazon’s $1 billion interest in acquiring Three-Body Problem continue to circulate. The box office success of The Wandering Earth surely makes such a monumental production more likely. 

You can find the novella in our euphoniously named collection The Wandering Earth which also features 9 other Cixin Liu stories, including my favourite, 'Devourer', in which a space-faring dinosaur returns to Earth...