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Head of Zeus
Gunner Girls and Fighter Boys
Gunner Girls and Fighter Boys: Bermondsey in the blitz, and two lives changed forever by Mary Gibson
 The Factory Girls, 3

An incredible story of ordinary women living extraordinary lives, from the bestselling author of Custard Tarts and Broken Hearts.

London, 1939.

As the Blitz hits London, two sisters from Bermondsey find their lives changed beyond all recognition.

May is known to her family as the homing pigeon because of her uncanny sense of direction. She will need it when a bombing raid destroys nearly everything she holds dear. With her home in ruins, she joins the ATS and becomes a gunner girl. Here she finds dangerous work, new friends and rivals – and painful choices in love.

May's elder sister, Peggy, is trapped in a stifling marriage to a small-time crook. Amid the chaos of war, a route to freedom suddenly beckons and, along with it, new and passionate love. From the melting pot of war will come hardship and tragedy, as well as new, unexpected friendships and love affairs.


'I learned so much, as the history of the Second World War was brought alive through vivid writing and wonderful storytelling. From the bomb sites of London to the countryside of Surrey, to the Middle East this is one book which will take you on a journey like no other book ever written' Petra, Amazon reviewer.

'A poignant saga of an East End of London family; their lives, loves, and losses during World War 2' Barbara Bee, Amazon reviewer.

'She makes Blitz time Bermondsey come to life' Abbie Scanlon, Amazon reviewer.

'Transported me back in time with a truly wonderful story. Lots of twists and turns and I absolutely loved the way it captures all the spirit and nostalgia from those times. Love love loved it!' Jojo's, Amazon reviewer.

'Gripping to the end. Wartime heartbreak, sadness, short lived happiness and love, you can taste the debris of war and share the odd moments of emotions' Sue Thornton, Amazon reviewer.

Head of Zeus * Saga
23 Nov 2015 * 448pp * £4.49 * 9781781855942
'There's hope and laughter in this lovely, absorbing book'
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Mary Gibson
Mary Gibson was born and brought up in Bermondsey, south east London, where both her grandmother and mother were factory girls. She is the author of the bestselling Custard Tarts and Broken Hearts, which was selected for World Book Night 2015, and five other novels, Jam and Roses, Gunner Girls and Fighter Boys, Bourbon Creams and Tattered Dreams, Hattie's Home and A Sister's Struggle. @MaryGibsonBooks
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