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Head of Zeus
The World the Railways Made
The World the Railways Made: Christian Wolmar's Railway Library by Nicholas Faith, edited by Christian Wolmar

Across American praries, through Siberian tundra, over Argentinian pampas and deep into the heart of Africa, the modern world began with the arrival of the railway. The shock was sudden and universal: railways carried empire, capitalism and industrialization to every corner of the planet. For some, the 'Iron Road' symbolized the brute horrors of modernity; for others the way toward a brighter future.

From 1825, when the first passenger service linked Stockton and Darlington to the outbreak of World War I, Nicholas Faith presents an engaging and entertaining journey through the first century of rail, introducing visionaries, engineers, surveyors, speculators, financiers and navvies – the heroes and the rogues of the mechanical revolution that turned the world upside down.

The railway was the most important invention of the 19th Century, and THE WORLD THE RAILWAYS MADE argues that in the 21st Century, with high speed lines that can compete with air travel and over 190 metro systems in 54 countries underpinning the world's greatest cities, it remains just as relevant.

Head of Zeus * Transport
25 Sep 2014 * 432pp * £20 * 9781781858363
'The story of rail travel is two-sided – on the one hand, a tale of extraordinary feats of engineering and design and, on the other, one of changing passenger experiences'

Nicholas Faith

Nicholas Faith
Nicholas Faith is a distinguished British author and journalist. He was for many years a senior editor on the business pages of The Sunday Times and The Economist and was a regular contributor to the Financial Times.
Christian Wolmar
Christian Wolmar
Christian Wolmar is an award-winning journalist and the author of a series of books on transport history including Fire & Steam, Railways & the Raj and Railways. He writes regularly for various newspapers and magazines, and has a regular column in Rail magazine.
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