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Head of Zeus
Faded Glory
Faded Glory: A powerful, gritty saga from bestseller David Essex by David Essex

From a life on the streets to the glory of the boxing ring.

London's East End, 1953: Albert Kemp is a lonely widower, whose only son was killed in the war. Now he works in a pub by the railway arches. Downstairs is a traditional bar, upstairs is a famous boxing gym. It is here that Albert brings Danny, a fatherless boy who he rescues from gang life on the streets.

But as Danny begins to grow into a champion, the predators start to circle, luring him with glittering promises back into a life of crime. Will Danny listen to his wise old mentor? Or will the prospect of fame and money be too tempting?

What readers are saying about FADED GLORY:

'A powerful yet poignant story.'

'I was gripped from start to finish.'

'This is fiction at it's best.'

'Excellent, couldn't put the book down.'

'I did not want it to end.'

Head of Zeus * Historical Fiction
06 Oct 2016 * 368pp * £4.49 * 9781784082352
'A 'Don't Miss' pick'
Best Magazine
'Tough but tender... David Essex ingeniously waves telling clues from his own life into the storyline'
Mail on Sunday
'A powerful drama'
Southern Daily Echo
David Essex
David Essex
The amazing career of born-and-bred Londoner, David Essex, has spanned four decades, with hit songs like Hold Me Tight and Rock On and lead roles in Godspell and Mutiny. Married, with five children, he lives in London.
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