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Head of Zeus
A Treasury of Railroad Folklore
A Treasury of Railroad Folklore by B.A. Botkin, by Alvin F. Harlow

The biggest cargo of high iron lore and legend ever hauled in one load, A TREASURY OF RAILROAD FOLKLORE contains over a century of the greatest stories, traditions and songs of the American railroad. Here are spell-binding tales of iron horses and iron men – the boomers, brass buttons and brass collars, the hoggers, tallow pots and gandy dancers.

This collection tells the truth behind the railroad saints and sinners, brave engineers, robbers and gamblers, hoboes, empire builders and tricksters, whose exploits and achievements all mark milestones in the history of railroading.

You will meet all the most memorable characters in the history of the iron rail, including Peter Cooper, Theodore Vanderbilt, Andrew Carnegie, Wells Fargo and Casey Jones. You will be thrilled wiith dramatic accounts of runaway trains and epic robberies. You will roar with laughter at hilarious pranks and tricks, feuds and hoaxes, and gain new insight into the heart and spirit of the railroads and the men who made, run and rode them.

Head of Zeus * Transport
13 Jul 2015 * 656pp * £8.99 * 9781784972721

B.A. Botkin

B.A. Botkin
Benjamin A Botkin was a folklorist and scholar. He headed the Archive of American Folk Song at the Library of Congress and served as President of the American Folklore Society.

Alvin F. Harlow

Alvin F. Harlow
Alvin F. Harlow was an author and journalist. He has written numerous popular books and his articles have appeared in the New York Times, Esquire, The Saturday Evening Post and the New York Herald Tribune.
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