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Head of Zeus
Airborne by Robert Radcliffe
 The Airborne Trilogy, 1

'Fascinating and convincing' THE TIMES.

17 September 1944:

The Allies have launched the largest airborne offensive in history, delivering 36,000 troops by parachute and glider to the Dutch-German Border. In what will become known as the Battle of Arnhem, half of them will fall as casualties of war. Among their number is Theo Trickey, a young paratrooper so dreadfully injured he is not expected to survive.

Under the care of Medical Officer Captain Daniel Garland, Trickey is shipped to Germany as a Prisoner of War. As Garland slowly nurses him back to health, he discovers that there's much that is unusual about Trickey, starting with a chance meeting he had with Erwin Rommel before the War...

From the bestselling author of Under an English Heaven, Airborne is the first in an unforgettable trilogy that tells the story of a young soldier, of a new regiment and how, together, they altered the course of a war.

Head of Zeus * Action & Adventure
12 Jan 2017 * 384pp * £4.49 * 9781784973810
Kate Atkinson
Daily Mail
'A born storyteller'
Sunday Telegraph
'A rattlingly good yarn, the literary version of a Hollywood blockbuster'
New Statesman
'A historical journey with an all-too human edge'
'Radcliffe writes with knowledge and skill ... there is humour, as well as horror, in this fascinating and convincing novel'
The Times
'The mixture of fiction and fact provides a good look at real events ... well written and readable'
Soldier Magazine
'[Airborne] will grip fans of military fiction ... Radcliffe is superb on the brutal chaos of war'
The Times
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Robert Radcliffe
Robert Radcliffe
Robert Radcliffe was born and educated in London. A journalist and advertising copywriter, he also spent ten years working as a commercial pilot, flying all over the world. He is the bestselling author of nine novels, including The Lazarus Child, Under an English Heaven and Dambuster. He lives in Suffolk.
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