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Head of Zeus
Not the Chilcot Report
Not the Chilcot Report by Peter Oborne

The defining calamity of the post-cold war era', in Peter Oborne's words, took place in 2003. The invasion of Iraq led to the collapse of the state system in the Middle East. Iraq is shattered, Syria will never be put back together again, and Lebanon hasn't functioned as a unified state for a long time. And the great wave of refugees unleashed by this breakdown is threatening what is left of democracy in Turkey and the very existence of the European Union.

Oborne provides a forensic examination of the way evidence was doctored and the law manipulated in 2002 and 2003 in order to justify a war for regime change. The government bent facts to fit its determination to join the US invasion, Parliament failed to scrutinise evidence, the intelligence service was perverted, and the media lost its head.

This is a masterly account of the making of a disaster, written by a passionate British democrat.

Head of Zeus * Current Affairs
26 May 2016 * 208pp * £4.49 * 9781784977955
'An interesting read that ought to be read by every Member of Parliament so the right questions can finally be asked – and answered' 4/5'
The Sun
'Oborne is everything Chilcot will not be: concise, honed, forensic and devastatingly logical ... the most important book that will be published this year. I strongly urge you to read it'
Craig Murray
'Powerful ... You won't read the Chilcot report in its entirety, or even its bulky summary, but you really ought to read Peter Oborne's devastating indictment'
The National
'An extremely important book'
Iain Martin, Sunday Telegraph
'Accusations of constitutional impropriety are supported with chapter and verse ... Apocalyptic'
Simon Jenkins
Peter Oborne
Peter Oborne
Peter Oborne is a columnist for the Daily Mail and former chief political commentator of the Daily Telegraph. One of Britain's most distinguished and independent political writers, his books include The Triumph of the Political Class and Wounded Tiger.
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