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Head of Zeus
Accused: A gripping thriller by Mark Toscano

A crime reporter. A strange murder. An ex-convict with a dark secret...

Onofrio Palillo receives compensation many years after wrongful imprisonment for murder. Whilst trying to arrange an interview, Fabrizio Corsaro, a crime reporter, finds Palillo dead at his home.

Investigations reveal incriminating evidence, which lead detectives to arrest Fabrizio himself for the murder. It's left to his brother Roberto, a criminal lawyer, to save Fabrizo from the nightmare into which his life has suddenly been plunged.

With the help of deputy police prefect Domenico Fisichella, Roberto delves into Palillo's mysterious past. They discover an old secret that puts them on the trail of the most powerful man in Sicily, Giorgio Moncada.

A complex story, full of mystery and memorable characters.

What people are saying about ACCUSED:

'Complex, accessible and feels like a real work portrayal of crime and its effects'

'What a great read, I really could not put this one down!'

Head of Zeus, an Aria book * Thrillers
01 Dec 2016 * 204pp * £3.99 * 9781784978907
'Tension, lies and secrets wrapped up in a suspenseful thriller that lies somewhere between a Fred Vargas and a standalone Rankin ... if you're looking for something new and exciting, this is one to check out!'
Faith Hogan
'Strong character depictions and a realistic portrayal of how prison changes people'
The Italophile
'The 4-star rating is a clue that I loved this book' Melisende d'
Outremer, NetGalley
'A mystery thriller filled with a complex story and strong, complicated characters'
Clues and Reviews
'The 4-star rating is a clue that I loved this book. I have been getting into crime noir (with a touch of humour) with the likes of Maria Angelica Bosco, Frederic Dard, Augustus de Angelus and even Caimh McDonnell - and to this group I would add Mark Toscano''
Melisende d'Outremer, NetGalley
Mark Toscano
Mark Toscano
Mark Toscano is a journalist and author. He has worked for the radio, television and agencies, and writes on politics for national newspapers in Italy.
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