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Head of Zeus
Friends Like Us
Friends Like Us: An emotional page-turner about love and friendship Siân O'Gorman

Life in Dublin hasn't worked out quite as planned for school friends Melissa, Steph and Eilis. Melissa has a successful career, but inside she's a mess of insecurities. Steph is lonely and lost, walking on eggshells around her philandering husband and angry teenage daughter. And Eilis, a hardworking A&E doctor, is just going through the motions with her long-term partner Rob.

Is it ever too late to take charge and live your life on your terms?

What readers are saying about FRIENDS LIKE US:

'A very moving novel'

'Enjoyed this book so much that I couldn't put it down'

'Heartwarming and heartbreaking'

Head of Zeus, an Aria book * Romance
01 Jul 2016 * 336pp * £3.99 * 9781784979560
'I loved this book, and thought it was really well-written, and very engaging'
Michelle Vamvas, NetGalley
'I enjoyed the diverse points of view, and the inclusion of a male point of view among the main characters!'
'A great read'
The Obsessive Bookseller
'A very enjoyable and emotional read. One of those books that I could not put down. 4.5 stars'
Laurel Cherkas, NetGalley
'A light-hearted chick lit book. Enjoyable, with nice characters'
Tracy Ford, The Reading Shed
'It is in turn heart-warming and heart-breaking'
Bookworms and Shutterbugs
'Touching and emotional ... A heart-warming summer read'
Sarah Kenny, NetGalley
'O'Gorman has a nice style and is a good storyteller ... a good beach or travel book'
Kathleen Gray, NetGalley
'I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good book that is hard to put down'
Susan Harper, NetGalley
'I loved this book ... A great read and I will look out for other books by this author'
Sylvia Vicary, NetGalley
'A good story about friendship; a good read for a lazy weekend'
Sarah Clay, NetGalley
'A nice easy summer read'
Sky Hogan, NetGalley
Siân O'Gorman
Siân O'Gorman
Siân was born in Ireland, is an RTÉ radio producer and lives in the seaside suburb of Dalkey, Dublin with her seven-nearly-eight-year-old daughter, Ruby.
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