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Head of Zeus
The Liar
The Liar: A gripping story of dangerous obsession Jennifer Wells

Can you really trust what you see?

'Eerie and intriguing. I can't believe it's a first novel' Fern Britton, Bestselling Author and TV Presenter.

1935. A mother's journey to find out what really happened to her only daughter. Complex and intriguing, full of twists and turns. Perfect for the fans of Lesley Pearse and Dilly Court.

What would you do if you saw a girl in a crowd whose face had the same, identical birthmark as your only child? A child who, nearly ten years ago, you were told died?

It's 1935 and housewife Emma glimpses a face in a crowd – a little girl with a very unique birthmark.
Transfixed by the sight of a stranger; Emma becomes convinced that the girl is her long-lost daughter taken from her at birth. There is only one problem: Emma's daughter is dead. So who is the stranger?

The Liar follows Emma's journey as she tries to find out what really happened to her daughter – a journey that unearths secrets from the past and ends in obsession...

'An intriguing mystery that keeps you guessing ... If you like compelling mysteries you will love this well written story' Rosie Clarke.

What people are saying about THE LIAR:

'This is well worthy of 5 stars. I highly recommend this book'

'I was gutted when I got to the end because I wanted to keep reading!'

'A compelling and well written novel'

'It's so unexpected, with twists and turns that were both shocking and exciting'

Head of Zeus, an Aria book * Crime Fiction
06 Oct 2016 * 304pp * £3.99 * 9781786691071
'Eerie and intriguing. I can't believe it's a first novel'
Fern Britton, bestselling author and TV presenter
'Brilliantly penned. I loved this book'
Tracy Shephard, NetGalley
'Breathtaking from the first to the last page. I highly recommend it'
Lu Dex, NetGalley
'An intriguing mystery that keeps you guessing ... If you like compelling mysteries you will love this well written story'
Rosie Clarke
'An amazing debut ... highly recommended especially to those who also enjoy books by Lesley Pearse, Kitty Neale, etc. I will be on the lookout for future releases from Jennifer Wells'
Denise Parr, NetGalley
'I was captivated by this story from the first chapter'
Karen Kukrak, NetGalley
'The story is full of suspense and drama, having you race from chapter to chapter, with complete and utter unexpected results'
Helga Nel, NetGalley
'An intriguingly enigmatic story with an ending which is unexpected'
Anita Davison
'Different and refreshingly unexpected. It is a first novel, and I'm sure will be followed by other hits if this is an example of the author's genius'
Joy Bosworth, NetGalley
'A great story with lots of twists and turns'
Sally Coles, NetGalley
'A great story, excellent main characters and very well written'
Stephanie Collins, NetGalley
'Fans of psychological thrillers will absolutely love this one ... A surprisingly dark and mysterious psychological thriller that just keeps getting better and better'
The Misstery
'I thoroughly enjoyed it. It had a surprising twist at the end'
Lisa Carlile, NetGalley
'Wells' easy writing style allows this story to rattle along at a fast pace -- and it twists and turns surprisingly'
Gisele Waterman, NetGalley
'A nicely twisty and emotional ride as Emma and Ruby come to know one another. I ached for Emma and you will too'
Kathleen Gray, NetGalley
'A dark, psychological thriller of a read with an ending that was truly shocking ... a cracking debut novel'
Brew and Books Review
'Well I didn't expect the ending. I really enjoyed this book. Will recommend'
Margaret Dennis, NetGalley
'Keeps you guessing the entire way as to what the real story is, and it took me till the very end to find out'
Jeans and a Tiara
'A brilliant debut and author to watch out for!'
Kelly Furniss, NetGalley
Jennifer Wells
Jennifer Wells
Jennifer works in Market Research when not writing. She lives in Devon with her young family and cat. The Secret is her third novel in the series set in fictional Missensham in the Home Counties.
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