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Head of Zeus
The Sword Falls
The Sword Falls A.J. Smith
 Form and Void, 2

'Best described as George R.R. Martin meets H.P. Lovecraft, The Glass Breaks is a fine example of British fantasy writing at its most entertaining' Guardian.

A man of the Dawn Claw will be the Always King. It will ever be so. They will always rule... but they will not always lead.

Prince Oliver Dawn Claw, heir to the Kingdom of the Four Claws, is thrust into a world he doesn't understand as he waits for his father to die. Away from home, with few allies, and too many enemies, he faces a new and otherworldly threat to the Eastron from beneath the sea. Alliances break and masks fall, as the Dark Brethren reveal their true master.

Meanwhile, Adeline Brand, called the Alpha Wolf, refuses to wait, and becomes the edge of the sword that swings back at the Dreaming God. Assembling allies and crushing resistance, she enters a fight she doesn't know if she can win, as the sea begins to rise.

Head of Zeus -- an AdAstra Book * Fantasy
04 Mar 2021 * 512pp * £14.99 * 9781786696939

'Suffering from Game of Thrones withdrawals? A.J. Smith's twisted fantasy series has enough renegade clerics, murderous assassins, and unholy pacts and feuds to soothe even the most passionate fan's fever' Foreword Reviews.

'Sieges, catapults, battles, longswords, beheadings a-plenty, profanity and rather bloody mayhem. Brilliant' SFFWorld.

'High fantasy, military exploits, and touches of an almost Lovecraftian mythos' Publishers Weekly.

'Epic fantasy at its scary, fun, sarcastic, shock-laden best' The Bookbag.

'Fans of George R.R. Martin and Joe Abercrombie will find much to like in this bloody, grimdark fantasy'
The Glass Breaks
A.J. Smith
A.J. Smith
A.J. Smith is the author of The Black Guard, The Dark Blood, The Red Prince and The World Raven. He spent twelve years devising the series. When not writing fiction, he works in secondary education as a youth worker.
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