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Head of Zeus
Badass Baby Names
Badass Baby Names: Inspired by the Most Awesome, Fearless and Cool Men and Women in History by Marvella Nomine

Growing a baby? Got to name it? No sweat. Take naming inspiration from the ultimate, most kick ass men and women in history.

This baby name book is an A-Z of total badasses, explains what gives them serious swagger and the reasons why they are worthy of being your future son or daughter's moniker. From the world-changers and fearless adventurers, to the whip-smart inventors and scientists of the last five centuries, why not name your little bundle after humans to admire, celebrate and love?

Take name ideas from those who kicked Fascist ass to the kings and queens taking bravery to another level, or from a doctor with so much badassitude he saved his own life blindly removing his appendix in the middle of the Antarctic.

This is the book for every parent-to-be looking for inspirational name ideas for their future badass baby.

Head of Zeus, an Anima book * Health, Diet and Fitness
10 Jan 2019 * 432pp * £8.99 * 9781788542852
'If you'd like to choose a name based on colourful characters in history, this book will entertain as well as inform!'
Juno magazine
'A really good study of names – specifically names of great rebels from history'
Marvella Nomine
Marvella Nomine
Marvella is an author, mother and admirer of all badasses. She lives in London.