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Head of Zeus
Mental: Everything You Never Knew You Needed to Know about Mental Health by Steve Ellen, by Catherine Deveny

How do we define mental illness? What does a diagnosis mean? What should you ask your doctor before you begin treatment? Are there alternatives to medication? What does the research show actually works?

Practitioner and professor of psychiatry Dr Steve Ellen and popular comedian Catherine Deveny combine forces to demystify the world of mental health. Sharing their personal experiences of mental illness and an insider perspective on psychiatry, they unpack the current knowledge about conditions and treatments coveing everything from depression and anxiety to schizophrenia, personality disorders and substance abuse.

Whether you have a mental illness or support someone who does, Mental offers clear practical help, empowering you with an arsenal of tips and techniques to help build your resilience.

Head of Zeus, an Anima book * Health, Diet and Fitness
01 Nov 2018 * 416pp * £5.99 * 9781789540659
A good basic introduction into mental health care from the patient's perspective. The book would be ideal for a person with a new mental health diagnosis or family member/carer... The medication section features some useful tables on the likelihood of experiencing certain side effects, which could be helpful for decision making and planning... Finding a good guide to mental health problems can be difficult but this book offers up a fresh presentation of the key facts and information for patients in a friendly and helpful way'
British Journal of General Practice

Steve Ellen

Steve Ellen
Steve Ellen is a Professor of Psychiatry at Melbourne University and Head of Psychiatry at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Australia.

Catherine Deveny

Catherine Deveny
Catherine Deveny is a television comedy writer, comedian, author, social commentator and broadcaster. Her previous books include It's Not My Fault They Print Them (2007), Say When (2008) and Free To A Good Home (2009).