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Head of Zeus
Widow's Welcome
Widow's Welcome by D.K. Fields
 Tales of Fenest, 1

There's power in stories.
This is a story of power.

Dead bodies aren't unusual in the alleyways of Fenest, capital of the Union of Realms. Especially not in an election year, when the streets swell with crowds from near and far. Muggings, brawls gone bad, debts collected – Detective Cora Gorderheim has seen it all. Until she finds a Wayward man with his mouth sewn shut.

His body has been arranged precisely by the killer and left conspicuously, waiting to be found. Cora fears this is not only a murder, but a message.

As she digs into the dead man's past, she finds herself drawn into the most dangerous event in the Union: the election. In a world where stories win votes, someone has gone to a lot of trouble to silence this man. Who has stopped his story being told?


'An utterly absorbing tale set in a fascinating world' MICK FINLAY.

'If you love storytelling, you'll love this' S.J. MORDEN.

'It's rare to find such a richly imagined world about the art of myth and storytelling' CHRISTOPHER FOWLER.

'Irresistibly thrilling, weaving together gaslit crime, fantasy and mystery ... I can't wait for more' TIM MAJOR.

'There is more than meets the eye in this gripping and inventive debut ... Rife with intrigue, deceit and cultural tension' JAMES AITCHESON.

Head of Zeus * Fantasy
08 Aug 2019 * 432pp * £14.99 * 9781789542493
'An utterly absorbing tale set in a fascinating world. A terrific start to the series'
Mick Finlay
'It's rare to find such a richly imagined world about the art of myth and storytelling'
Christopher Fowler
'Like a Philip Pullman rendition of Cloud Atlas. Widow's Welcome is an irresistibly thrilling introduction to a world of stories within stories – and I can't wait for more'
Tim Major
'There are hidden depths to Widow's Welcome, and the rewards for spending time with this book are very great. I felt as if I was one of the Audience, and asked to cast my own vote on stories of tragedy, sacrifice and betrayal. If you love storytelling, you'll love this'
Simon Morden
'There is more than meets the eye in this gripping and inventive debut ... Rife with intrigue, deceit and cultural tension'
James Aitcheson
'Ingenious fantasy'
Western Mail
'Melding noir with the fantasy genre, this is a rather clever read, one which feels especially prescient for our reality'
'David Towsey and Katherine Stansfield have created a vivid, inventive delight of a world ... To read the book is to be immersed in the customs, politics and stories of a refreshingly strange reality ... A satisfyingly literal spin on the politics of the UK today'
Western Mail
'Its appeal is different to much other similar genre fare ... Damp and urban. To me it felt a lot more like books such as Gorky Park or The White Russian where the author uses the central plot device of a murder to explore the nuances of a more complex situation, and more intricate world ... A well told story, and I genuinely look forward to the next'
'This isn't your normal fantasy world-building, it's something different ... Plot aside, we are also treated to good, solid, believable characters ... Fun on the campaign trail. Recommended'
'[D.K. Fields] has created a vivid and believable world. The descriptions of place, system and character are clearly and interestingly drawn ... Fascinating'
Crime Review
The Stitcher and the Mute
D.K. Fields
D.K. Fields
D.K. Fields is the pseudonym for the writing partnership of novelists David Towsey and Katherine Stansfield. The couple are originally from the south west of England, and now live in Cardiff. The first two books in the Tales of Fenest trilogy, Widow's Welcome and The Stitcher and the Mute, are also published by Head of Zeus.
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