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Head of Zeus
Farewell to the Liar
Farewell to the Liar by D.K. Fields
 Tales of Fenest, 3

There's power in stories.
But power comes at a price.

Detective Cora Gorderheim is a detective no longer. Stripped of her badge, her job now is to protect her sister, Ruth, the new Wayward storyteller.

Ruth must tell her tale of the Tear widening if people are to know what's really happening in the Union of Realms. But the powers that be want her silenced. Keeping Ruth alive in Fenest is hard enough, but when the sisters set sail for West Perlanse, the dangers come thick and fast. And soon Cora realises she must make a terrible choice: her sister's life, or the future of the Union.

'Melding noir with the fantasy genre, this is a rather clever read, one which feels especially prescient for our reality' SCIFINOW

Head of Zeus -- an AdAstra Book * Fantasy
05 Aug 2021 * 528pp * £7.99 * 9781789542554

'Melding noir with the fantasy genre, this is a rather clever read, one which feels especially prescient for our reality' SciFiNow.

'Like a Philip Pullman rendition of Cloud Atlas. Widow's Welcome is an irresistibly thrilling introduction to a world of stories within stories – and I can't wait for more' Tim Major.

'There is more than meets the eye in this gripping and inventive debut... Rife with intrigue, deceit and cultural tension' James Aitcheson.

'It's rare to find such a richly imagined world about the art of myth and storytelling' Christopher Fowler.

'If you love storytelling, you'll love this'
 Simon Morden
Widow's Welcome
The Stitcher and the Mute
D.K. Fields
D.K. Fields
D.K. Fields is the pseudonym for the writing partnership of novelists David Towsey and Katherine Stansfield. The couple are originally from the south west of England, and now live in Cardiff. The first two books in the Tales of Fenest trilogy, Widow's Welcome and The Stitcher and the Mute, are also available from Head of Zeus.
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