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Head of Zeus
The Gauntlet and the Burning Blade
The Gauntlet and the Burning Blade by Ian Green
 The Rotstorm, 2

The second thrilling instalment in Ian Green's Sunday Times Top 15 bestselling fantasy adventure series.

Break the chains. Hold your strength. Burn your foes.

Once a warrior of the Stormguard Commandos, Floré wrought horrors in the rotstorm to protect her people. She did her duty and swore to leave the bloodshed behind. But when her daughter, Marta, was kidnapped, Floré was forced to once again raise her gauntlet against the devils of Ferron to bring her home.

Now Marta is dying from the skein-magic she inherited from her father, and the Protectorate is weakened by the absence of the whitestaffs. The mystical order of healers and sages fled to their island citadel of Riven when strange orbs cut through the night.

Floré and her comrades must race to find a cure for Marta, to find the truth of the whitestaffs' betrayal, and to fight back against the encroaching children of the storm.

Floré has taken up her gauntlets and her sword to keep her people safe – but steel alone might not be enough...

'Excellent, vivid worldbuilding... A gripping story with cinematic detail' British Fantasy Society

Head of Zeus -- an AdAstra Book * Fantasy
04 Aug 2022 * 464pp * £20 * 9781800244115

'Excellent, vivid worldbuilding... A gripping story with cinematic detail' British Fantasy Society.

'An exciting and action-packed fantasy novel... Some disturbing and interesting ideas give the book a twist, but it also feels comfortably like a fantasy novel that any fan of the genre can enjoy' SF Book Review.

'Green's worldbuilding is unique and creative... This book appeals to both enthusiasts of high fantasy as well as the more everyday fantasy reader. Epic action, deep world-building, and colourful characters make for a magical debut, forged in compelling inspirations... There's plenty more magic to come' The Publishing Planet.

'The unrelentingly dark tone enables Green to maintain a high level of suspense throughout. Fans of Anthony Ryan will welcome this and its sequels'
 Publishers Weekly
The Gauntlet and the Fist Beneath
Ian Green
Ian Green
Ian Green is a writer from Northern Scotland with a PhD in epigenetics. His fiction has been widely broadcast and performed, including winning the BBC Radio 4 Opening Lines competition and winning the Futurebook Future Fiction Prize. His short fiction has been published by Londnr, Almond Press, OpenPen, Meanjin, Transportation Press, The Pigeonhole, No Alibi Press, Minor Lits, and more. @ianthegreen
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The Gauntlet and the Fist Beneath
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