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Head of Zeus
The Physics of Climate Change
The Physics of Climate Change by Lawrence M. Krauss

'Brilliant and fundamental, this is the necessary book about our prime global emergency' Ian McEwan

The news is full of hotly debated and divergent claims about the impacts and risks of climate change. Lawrence Krauss, one of the world's most respected physicists and science popularizers, cuts through the confusion by succinctly presenting the underlying science of climate change.

The Physics of Climate Change provides a clear, accurate and accessible perspective of climate science and the risks of global inaction. Krauss's narrative explores the history of how scientists progressed to our current understanding of the Earth's climate and its future. Its generous complement of informative diagrams and illustrations allows readers to assess which climate predictions are securely based on analysis of empirical data, and which are more speculative.

The Physics of Climate Change is required reading for anyone interested in understanding humanity's role in the future of our planet.

Head of Zeus, an Apollo book * Science
04 Feb 2021 * 224pp * £9.99 * 9781800244795
'Brilliant and fundamental, this is the necessary book about our prime global emergency. Here you'll find the facts, the processes, the physics of our complex and changing climate, but delivered with eloquence and urgency. Lawrence Krauss writes with a clarity that transcends mere politics. Prose and poetry were never better bedfellows'
Ian McEwan
'It is brimming with information lucidly analysed. Such hope as there is lies in science, and a physicist of Dr. Krauss's imaginative versatility is unusually qualified to offer it'
Richard Dawkins
'Lucid and gripping, this study of the most severe challenge humans have ever faced leads the reader from the basic physics of climate change to recognition of the damage that humans have already caused and on to the prospects that lie ahead if we do not change course soon'
Noam Chomsky
Lawrence M. Krauss
Lawrence M. Krauss
Lawrence M. Krauss is an internationally known theoretical physicist and the author of the New York Times bestselling books, The Physics of Star Trek and A Universe from Nothing, and The Physics of Climate Change. He has made significant contributions to our understanding of the Universe and has received numerous awards for his research and writing. He is currently President of the Origins Project Foundation and host of the Origins Podcast with Lawrence Krauss. He tweets @LKrauss1.