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Head of Zeus
Marine A SBS: Terrorism on the North Sea
Marine A SBS: Terrorism on the North Sea by Shaun Clarke
 The Marine Files

For over eighty years the SBS have sailed into the face of danger. Responsible for quick strikes, reconnaissance, and counter-terrorism, they are the world's foremost marine special forces unit. The SBS risk their lives at sea and on land, undertaking the most dangerous missions.

1982, North Sea. IRA operatives plan to sabotage the North Sea oilfield – and the Prime Minister is in danger. The SBS must risk life and limb against the terrorists and the might of the open waves, or the political impact could be devastating – and the security of the UK could be destroyed forever...

Head of Zeus -- an Aries Book * Action & Adventure
17 Mar 2022 * 284pp * £1.99 * 9781803287065
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Shaun Clarke

Shaun Clarke
Shaun Clarke has written over twenty military novels featuring the exploits of the SAS and SBS. He also writes science fiction as W.A. Harbinson.