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Head of Zeus
A Warrior Path by Chris Lüttichau

From the author of Calling us Home, teachings on how to change one's perception and thereby become more present, more alive and more in harmony with oneself and the surrounding world.

Anger, aggression, and pain – in our modern times, these have unfortunately become the guiding principles of our lives. Lacking the tools we need to ground ourselves and focus these harmful emotions, they instead seep into our lives not only to our detriment, but also to those around us. The Warrior Path provides us with an antidote, opening a route that will lead to our collective healing.

When Chris Lüttichau was guided through the world of The Warrior Path by his teacher, friend and guide Rob, he could not have imagined the ways in which his reality would have shifted or how his connection to his spirituality would deepen.

A personal story of moving through fear, questioning our assumptions and perception, and trusting the natural world; the teachings shared would prove to lead him down a trail of beautiful discovery.

Through the sharing of ancient and true spiritual teachings, the reader will learn that to walk the warrior path will guide them to reveal the truth of who they are, and towards a life filled with qualities we should all strive for – courage, self-discipline and cooperation with others. With inspirational quotes and revelations, The Warrior Path is sure to deepen your relationship with life itself by befriending fear as opposed to being controlled by it.

Head of Zeus, an Apollo book * Health, Diet and Fitness
01 Oct 2023 * 288pp * £9.99 * 9781804549278

'The single best book on contemporary shamanism on the market – long overdue' Manda Scott.

'His is a voice of authenticity, of clarity, and of heartfelt truthfulness' Mac Macartney.

'[An] inspirational and thought-provoking volume, which I know I shall be returning to again and again' Nudge Book.

'A very articulate, easy and interesting read' Indie Shaman.

'The text is very much focused on making our owns lives better in simple ways'
 Cygnus Magazine

Chris Lüttichau

Chris Lüttichau
Chris Lüttichau was born in Denmark and is the keeper of a comprehensive body of teachings on shamanism and earth-based spirituality. He is also the author of Animal Spirit Guides: Discover Your Power Animal and the Shamanic Path. He lives in Cornwall.
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