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Head of Zeus
Extinct ~ Hallucigenia Ben Garrod, illustrated by Gabriel Ugueto

The story of life on Earth through the planet's major mass extinctions. Book one, Hallucigenia, is about a weird worm that lived 443 million years ago. TV scientist Professor Ben Garrod presents a unique exploration of the most iconic animals ever to walk, swim, waddle or stalk our planet. A collectable, full-colour eight-book series, illustrated by foremost paleo-artist Gabriel Ugueto.

For as long as there have been species, there has been extinction. What causes it? Why do some species go extinct and what can we do to save endangered species? As many as 99% of species that have ever lived have gone extinct, which means we have already lost an almost unbelievable 5 billion species from our planet. In his new series, Ben Garrod explores how extinction is one of the most complex, interesting and constantly evolving topics to study right now in science.

Each book will focus on the landscape of one extinction and one animal lost. Hallucigenia was a tiny, weird, spiky, armoured worm that lived during the Ordovician period 443 million years ago. How do we know about its evolution, anatomy, behaviour, habitat and food chain? How do we know what led to its extinction? With an additional 'Ask the Expert' section, stunning full-colour art on every page, glossary and pronunciation guide, each book will reveal a different extinction story, from mass extinctions caused by asteroids or mega volcanoes, to over-hunting by humans and habitat destruction.

Head of Zeus, a Zephyr book * Children’s Non-fiction
06 May 2021 * 114pp * £7.99 * 9781838935283

'Garrod writes flawlessly with his own unique blend of well-honed skill as a scientist as well as the contagious curiosity and endless exploratory mindset usually reserved for children' BBC Wildlife Magazine.

'Brilliantly dynamic, fascinating and original books on a topic you might think you and your kids know everything about but Dr Ben Garrod proves otherwise' Vicki Psarias, HonestMum.

'TV scientist and biologist Garrod shiens a fresh, contemporary light on this ever-popular topic' The Bookseller.

'Ben Garrod's knowledge and enthusiasm for dinosaurs is both impressive and infectious' Books for Keeps.
Ben Garrod
Ben Garrod
Ben Garrod is Professor of Evolutionary Biology and Science Engagement at the University of East Anglia. He broadcasts regularly on TV and radio and is trustee and ambassador of a number of key conservation organisations. His previous books include So You Think You Know About... Dinosaurs? and The Chimpanzee and Me, published by Zephyr.

Gabriel Ugueto

Gabriel Ugueto
Gabriel Ugueto is a scientific illustrator, paleoartist and herpetologist based in Miami, Florida. His work reflects the latest scientific hypotheses about the animals he reconstructs, and his illustrations have appeared in books, museums, journals, magazines, and TV documentaries.